Back to work

Back to the grind

After our recent trawl through the aisles and web pages of the top retailers in September we’ve taken a closer look at the Back to School and Uni events. The awkwardly similar light blue POS welcomed the back to it shoppers with many displays of discounted Biro pens and random highly priced PC goodies. But what did we spot? What was hot and what was not!

  • In store we liked the call out from Morrisons on a 200 day non-quibble guarantee to reinforce the quality of their Nutmeg School Uniforms, it would have been nice to see a sponsoring washing powder to advise shoppers on how to wash and care for the school uniforms when removing all those tough stains and dirt, an easy one to achieve in the event aisle.
  • A colorful cut out FSDU from Pritstick in Wilkos had impact – just a shame they got the wrong audience and should have been the schoolies not the students. The new triple Power Persil pallet display would of been amazing next to the school uniforms!

Our favorite online back to school shop was the which activated cross category into medicines including the itchy scratchy nit shampoo – a must have when the kids go back to school!

Watch our for our next round up of retailer events coming soon.