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Digital Retailer Innovation – Home Delivery Special with Terri Hampsey

Our Shopper Marketing guru Terri Hampsey called it research, we called it living life from the sofa maxing out our credit card! Either way it has paid off, so sit back and digest the lastest home delivery retail news.

And if you want to understand how Terri can help your brand or retailer maximise the home delivery opportunity just get in touch and we’ll be at your door within the hour (or left with a neighbour if you’re not home).

Greggs trial home delivery with UBER EATs
If you’ve ever fancied a sausage roll delivered straight to your doorstep, today’s your lucky day. QSR giant Greggs has teamed up with UBER EATs to trial the service in home toon Newcastle

Pub + takeaway (at the SAME TIME) = the future
A bar in Leicester is now letting its patrons order Deliveroo from the comfort of its bar stools. Pubs that don’t serve food can greatly benefit from this concept, allowing hungry pub-goers to have that one (or 5) more drinks.

Introducing: ASOS Instant, the first same day clothing & apparel delivery service
ASOS is the latest retailer to dabble in same day delivery. The burgeoning threat from Amazon in all areas of retail, including fashion, means that cult favourite ASOS is stepping up its game to provide that instant gratification/heightened convenience that we all desire.

Booths gives Southern shoppers a taste of the North
For the first time in 170 years Booths’ premium product offering will be available to purchase in the South.  The retailer’s own-label goods are now available on Amazon Fresh – in keeping with the online innovators affluent shopper demographic.