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Halloween Best-in-Class Design

Halloween has now become the third biggest event in the retail calendar after Christmas and Valentines Day. With that in mind, we’ve been out shopping to see if anything was going to jump out on us.

  • Morrisons have created impact upon entering the store. Shoppers are treated to a large colony of hanging bats hovering above the pumpkins. We were greeted by more bats hanging out in-aisle, along with header panels, bus stops and shelf stripping giving great stand-out to the Halloween treats in store. It would have been nice to have seen a more creative choice of font and to have incorporated creative lighting and audio within the aisle to further enhance the experience.
  • ASDA have created a similar in-store display, using die-cut tree branches, header panels, bus stops and shelf stripping. The floor was also decorated with a few random floor stickers, that on first impression we did not even notice. George was also treated to a bit of minor decoration with aisle bus stops but seemed to be missing a trick with no POS to cross-sell to the Halloween aisle.

However, ASDA maybe relying upon their TV campaign (Home of all things Haunted) and online activity to tempt shoppers instore. Saatchi and Saatchi’s ad features a possessed family partying to a lively soundtrack. Viewers are invited to Shazam the commercial, and in return they will be taken to an ASDA microsite. The microsite launches your camera phone, and adds spooky effects to your portrait, or at least that is the intention. Unfortunately the gremlins had been at play and we were unable to capture any spooky effects despite several attempts, so we left feeling tricked rather than treated.

Full marks to ASDA for using a variety of touchpoints in their campaign and a nicely crafted Halloween lock-up, but we felt they let themselves down with lack of sensory experience in-store and a technology fail. Web graphics are scarily good, with some really nice illustration, animation and crafted graphics that create a sticky experience!

  • The high street offered a bit more creativity. We were drawn to Hotel Chocolat’s striking window display and ‘Boo boxes’. The cost-effective pillow box packaging jumps off the shelf and has great personality thanks to bright emoji style graphics, and shouts Halloween from the moment you enter the store. This design illustrates how well you can create a premium look and feel with a selective acid colour palette, and tasteful minimal typography.
  • We also spotted Fanta’s ‘grab the fun’ campaign, making great use of their corporate orange to promote their snapchat filters and lenses created for Halloween.