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Digital Retailer Innovation – Post Halloween 2017 Edition

After consuming his own body weight in trick or treat gathered sweets our Head of Digital removes his “IT” mask  to reveal his latest set of Digital Retailer Innovations! Enjoy.

Robot store colleagues arrive in Milton Keynes
“Bo” has landed, in Milton Keynes! Europe’s first ever robotic shop assistants have been launched and will help shoppers with directions, suggestions and also give out incentives to drive shoppers in store. Feedback will be collected to further guide the development of robotic assistants and to help determine how ready the UK is to accept them into the retail environment.
Source: Retail Gazette

Sainsbury’s finds success with Chop Chop
Sainsbury’s has taken the one-hour delivery crown amongst UK retailers with the expansion of their Chop Chop delivery service to reach over 1.7 Million customers in the London metropolis.
Source: The Grocer

Amazon in a hurry to double Dash
Amazon has doubled the number of Dash buttons available in the UK with new buttons from big FMCG brands such as Nescafe and Head and Shoulders. The total number of branded Dash buttons available now tops 100 – with Amazon proudly informing us that over 300,000 rolls of toilet rolls have been ordered via the IOT devices.
Source: The Grocer

Ocado looks to take a slice of the subscription opportunity
With the launch of Ocado Regulars shoppers with the online grocery pure play can now have the the products that they order most regularly added automatically to their baskets at a frequency that suits them. The free service aims to free up time for shoppers allowing them to spend more time on the inspiration sections of the site to upweight their baskets with special purchases for that week.
Source: Ocado

Asda plans for Christmas
Asda has launched a nifty interactive calendar that helps shoppers stay in the know with all the important upcoming Christmas events and product launches in Asda stores. A perfect opportunity for brands to ensure that they stay at the forefront of Christmas planning this year.
Source: Asda